CE Classes

Nancy is a prolific creator of continuing education classes. In addition to teaching Bowenwork Modules 1-12, she has created and teaches many live, home study, and online classes:

  • Deep Anatomy – Exploring Structure and Choice in Bowenwork Moves – live

  • The Lymphatic System and Bowenwork – live

  • The Lymphatic System and Bowenwork – online

  • Ethics for the Bowenwork Practitioner – home study/online

  • Anatomy by the Modules – home study

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Bowenworkers – home study

  • Deep Anatomy of SP2 Part 1: Iliacus Release, Gluteal Release, Adductor Magnus Release – online

  • The Core: Diastasis Recti, Hernia, and Prolapse – online

  • Fascia: What it is and why it matters – online

  • Distance Bowenwork – online

  • Bowenwork – An Introduction to Wellness in Your Hands

Nancy is also co-creator of the Academy’s associate instructor training program and the full instructor training program:

  • Independent Home Study for Bowenwork Instructor Training – online
  • Associate Instructor Training – live
  • Instructor Training Bootcamp – live

Using Bowenwork to satisfy other continuing education requirements

Most American Bowen Academy classes are accepted by other accrediting bodies, such as NCBTMB, AOTA, California Board of Registered Nurses, Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine, Arkansas State Board.

To see which classes might be approved by particular outside accrediting bodies, please click on this link: https://www.americanbowen.academy/classes/continuing-education-program/focused-bowenwork-studies