Student Comments

I must admit I expected a list of maladies and what moves to use for them. What Nancy taught me was to use my head and think of the moves and what they could effect. The strongest aspect for me was how to slow down and execute the moves properly. This has proved invaluable in my practice since the class. Nancy was a very powerful presenter and a wealth of knowledge. I would definitely like to invite her here again.

It was great to listen to, watch, and learn from Nancy. Her sense of humor is great and she is wonderful at allowing space for individual’s learning.

The course was perfect for me to go deeper with understanding the moves and their relationship. I have integrated so much of it, I could not list everything! The questions presented in the promotional materials were answered. That satisfied my curiosity. I now have a whole new quality of work!

I had no idea this class was going to be as wonderful as it was. I am so glad that I attended this course before learning any new procedures. I really like Nancy’s personality and teaching style. The depth of knowledge that she shared brought me a deeper understanding of the Bowenwork. Nancy was able to convey that not only is the precision of the move important, it is the quality of each move that can turn an average session into a deeply meaningful session. Since taking this course, the Bowenwork sessions I have given have been much deeper and more powerful for the client and for me.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed learning Bowen 1 and 2 with you as our instructor. I loved it and can’t wait for the 3 and 4 class in April. You do a wonderful job and I’m sure I can speak for all from this area that know you….we are so fortunate to be able to learn from such a neat woman!!! Look forward to seeing you next time.

I was really amazed by the power of the subtle manipulation of soft tissue which we learned and practiced in the Module 1 & 2 Bowen classes. The gentle moves produced a cascade of different energy flows through various areas of my body that were totally unexpected. I have personally experienced an increased range of motion in my sacroileac area. Nancy Pierson is an excellent instructor who made the information very easy to understand. This helped me immensely in the hands on portion of the class. She did a great job demonstrating and then helping me to easily locate the points on the body for the Bowen moves.

I was not anticipating the way Nancy made Bowenwork come even more alive with the additional researched anatomy examples she weaved into the refinement class. How profound and brilliant Bowenwork is. This class brought further understanding and even more clarity to my knowingness that my life and work are exactly where they are meant to be. I am grateful. Thank you Nancy for your readily-apparent passion to the purity of Bowenwork and your unique knowledgeable, loving and supportive teaching style!

This class [Modules 3 & 4] was taught with the same enthusiasm and excitement that I’ve come to know. The passion of teaching Bowen is very evident and it’s that passion that makes her such an effective instructor. I feel privileged to be a part of her class in learning these invaluable procedures.

Instruction superb! Done in a manner that’s interesting and informative, with good keys for remembering. Patience and gentleness with students very, very good. Nancy always makes this student feel empowered and able to succeed.

Instructor was very thorough explaining techniques, giving demos, and answering questions. She was very patient with those who had no previous bodywork experience and let them know the proper anatomical names as well as correlating with common names, so that all the students became equally familiar with parts of the body. Nicely informal while keeping professional. Attended to each of us according to our individual needs and personality. Excellent instructor!

Nancy is great. Her teaching style includes ways to work with all learning styles. She handles various personality types well and keeps class on an even keel. She makes learning fun and easy. Wonderful class, wonderful modules, wonderful instructor. Yea Bowenwork!

The subject matter and instruction are very well given and received. No question is too trivial. Mistakes are gently corrected and there is definitely a love of the subject matter by the instructor. Nancy creates an atmosphere where students are stimulated to learn and where the students are eager to assist one another. Loved the sense of humor.

Nancy is a fantastic instructor. She has a great deal of sensitivity to what’s going on in the room and adjusts the teaching environment accordingly on all levels.

Nancy has a generous spirit. She is willing to be vulnerable. That makes others feel free to be vulnerable as well. She is generous with nurturing and care. Thank you!

I feel the whole 2 [practitioner] days were very helpful. I really thought it would be a repetitive class but I was pleasantly surprised that I learned quite a bit.

I enjoy Nancy’s teaching style, which is positive, questioning, and reinforcing.

Nancy always brings a great deal of enthusiam and knowledge to her classes. She also provides great materials that make it much easier to assimilate any changes or new ways of looking at things we already know. I am very satisfied with the way this class was presented. I learned a lot and was able to refine techniques I already knew.